Monday, April 29, 2013

Felt Twitter Logo

I don't think anyone missed me here but still I'm sorry for not updating the blog for so long.
I had my BirthDay (! ! ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ! ! !) on 20th April and got a little busy this month.
We travelled to Odessa (Ukraine) to the see and it was amazing!

felt twitter logo

No more talking about me. Here is the long-awaited felt Twitter logo.
Keep in mind that its Giveaway is still open and it is still waiting for its happy owner-to-be!
If you do like this soft and cute two-sided Twitter pillow then it CAN BE YOURS.
We are waiting for you :)

felt twitter logo


  1. Love your felt twitter log! Your felt toys are totally awesome! Just a little thought - I wander would it be worth while selling felt toys as a DIY kit?

    1. Thank you very much Judy!
      I'm not sure but I guess there already are some DIY kits for sale on the internet.
      And sure they are worth it :)



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